Safe Haskell None
Language Haskell2010




newtype LocalChannel Source #

Clone the original channel for each connected client, then use this wrapper to make sure that no data is consumed from the original channel.


LocalChannel ( TChan Block)

data ServerHandler Source #

A handler used to pass around the path to the server and channels used for controlling the server.

data ServerCommand Source #

The commands that control the server. This API is not part of the client interface, and in order to call them directly you will need access to the returned ServerHandler

data ServerResponse Source #

The response from the server. Can be used for the information passed back, or for synchronisation.


BlockAdded Block
SlotChanged Slot

modifySlot :: MonadIO m => (Slot -> Slot) -> ServerHandler -> m Slot Source #

runServerNode :: MonadIO m => Trace IO PABServerLogMsg -> FilePath -> Integer -> MockNodeServerChainState -> Params -> m ServerHandler Source #

Start the server in a new thread, and return a server handler used to control the server

ChainSync protocol

Protocol setup

Computing intersections

TxSubmission protocol